Climate Strategy

Managing change and promoting your climate strategy through intelligence collective workshops and trainings.

We support you in communicating your climate strategy, enhancing awareness, and delivering training on climate and energy matters. This enables you to highlight your commitments and initiatives, and effectively engage your stakeholders (including employees, customers, and suppliers). We provide awareness-building initiatives customised to your specific context and requirements through tailored programs such as the Climate Change Adaptation Workshop, Climate Fresk, and the Digital Collage workshop.

There are two main ways of combating climate change:

Mitigation consists of reducing emissions and therefore acts on the causes.
Adaptation, which consists of reducing impacts and thus acting on the consequences.

In climate risk management, the two are complementary:

Mitigation is the only way to reduce climate risk in the long term. It means avoiding the unmanageable.

Adaptation is the only way to reduce climate risk in the short and medium term. It means managing the inevitable.

How can you develop a tailored adaptation strategy?

Adaptation climate change workshop

Adaptation to Climate Change workshop

Climate change is here to stay, and its impacts are spreading and intensifying. Whatever the scenario for reducing emissions is, global warming is set to continue significantly over the coming decades. It is essential to prepare for the impacts, to prevent them rather than being victims of them, and to ensure our resilience in this changing climate.

Thanks to this collective workshop you will:

How can you enhance your mitigation strategy?

The Climate Fresk

Short on time to delve into the complexities of climate science, but eager to make a difference in the fight against climate change?

The collaborative Climate Fresk workshop will provide you with essential knowledge about climate change and empower you to take meaningful action. The Climate Fresk is an engaging game centered around climate change, leveraging collective intelligence and creativity. Whether you’re a newcomer to the subject or well-versed, the Climate Fresk is for you. In just three hours, you’ll explore the reasoning of the IPCC* and enjoy the process!

Climate Fresk workshop
The digital collage workshop event

The Digital Collage

Do you want to learn more about Green IT but you don’t know how to start? 

The Digital Collage offers an engaging and interactive half-day workshop, utilizing a teaching approach akin to that of the Climate Fresk. With a focus on outlining essential solutions for fostering a more sustainable digital sector, participants are then prompted to engage in lively discussions for meaningful exchanges. Serving as an effective team-building exercise, this workshop facilitates collaboration and unveils strategies for promoting sustainability within the digital realm. While designed primarily for in-person delivery, an online version is also accessible.

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