CSR & B Corp

How can organisations integrate sustainability into their strategic framework to enhance competitiveness, with tailored support that evolves alongside their evolving needs?

We accompany organizations in the process of strategic integration of sustainability, understanding it as the axis of competitiveness. We act as support partners throughout the entire journey and provide personalized and flexible support that adapts and evolves with our clients’ needs. 

CSR - positeive impact

Our focus is on transforming organizations holistically, including the vector of positive impact on strategy, business model, value chain, culture, and leadership and governance model.

Additionally, we support you in understanding your challenges by identifying, measuring, and analyzing your socio-environmental impacts. We help formalize commitments to reduce these impacts by building an adapted CSR strategy and roadmap, facilitating the obtainment of the B Corp certification. We also guide you in the deployment and monitoring of your CSR strategy action plan, paying particular attention to integrating CSR issues into your businesses and practices. We mobilize all your stakeholders and promote your initiatives through communication, awareness-raising, and change management initiatives.

step 1

CSR maturity diagnosis and impact measurement

step 2

Defining your CSR strategy

step 3

Operational deployment of your CSR strategy and associated roadmap

step 4

Managing change and promoting your CSR strategy

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